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MPLS internet access / MPLS VPN

The center3 MPLS VPN service offers secure and customizable connectivity solutions for international business needs. With extensive coverage in the domestic and regional areas, as well as points of presence at Global Carrier Hubs in Europe and Asia, center3 provides a comprehensive global network. The MPLS VPN service includes advanced features such as last-mile protection, meshed backbone protection, L2 and L3 support, and multiple classes of service, including voice, video, and business-critical traffic. The center3 MPLS backbone supports various network topologies, including hub-and-spoke, fully meshed, point-to-point, and more.

Direct Internet Access

The center3 Direct Internet Access (DIA) service offers customers reliable and secure high-speed connectivity directly to the Global Internet, featuring low latencies, flexible bandwidth options ranging from 1Mbps to several Gbps, and a range of protection options to suit their needs. Our enterprise-grade DIA service ensures fast, dependable access to the Internet, enabling customers to meet their business requirements with ease.

Enterprise Ethernet

The center3 Ethernet Services offer enterprise-level connectivity to Customers, enabling them to connect multiple international locations with each other. The service is designed to be scalable, allowing customers to pay only for the bandwidth they need, while also providing the benefits of Ethernet technology. With center3's extensive global, regional, and local network coverage, customers can enjoy reliable and high-performance Ethernet connectivity.

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